Boston Pizza's Spicy Perogy Pizza Copycat Recipe


Unknown said…
I had this the other day at Boston Pizza and absolutely loved it! I found this recipe while looking to recreate this at home. It is spot on and delicious. A little fiddly with the potatoes but it is a necessary step and the results are worth it. The kids devoured it and asked me to make it again and again. This will go into the regular rotation here. Thanks for a great recipe :)
nancyrobert2011 said…
What a fantastic recipe, I have to admit I am very much stuck in a rut when it comes to Pizza recipes, so I will most definitely be trying this! What are your opinions on perhaps baking a pizza on a BBQ

how to make pizza
CM said…
The BEST! Thank you:D Everyone says this is the best perogy pizza ever, and bang on exactly like Boston Pizza's, except better! After using this recipe multiple times with consistent results, I've been told by the family that anytime it's perogy pizza night it can only be if I make it from this recipe!:) They no longer ask for Boston Pizza which used to be their all time favorite! I was even surprised how well it turned out on my first try too. Last time I used baby potatoes instead of large ones and this made it waaay easier because they're already bite sized when sliced and WAY easier to stir and cook in the pan as didn't fall apart at all or stick together as much like the larger ones usually do for me while frying, and didn't need to peel. By the way, one can try sprinkling cornmeal on the hot pizza stone (no oil - cornmeal ensures pizza won't stick to stone) after taking it out of the preheated oven; before sliding your pizza onto it using a piece of waxed paper also sprinkled with cornmeal that it was arranged on (can put the wax paper on a no-lip baking sheet but I just slide it right off the paper onto hot stone). If it's not sliding in some spots, lift up that side and put more cornmeal under. This works for us everytime. I do cheat by using pillsbury canned crust, we've yet to try it with the fresh deli dough. your recipe is perfect! Thanks so much!

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