Amazing 4th of July Cake Recipe Ideas Online

Now that we're onto summer, the biggest holiday that we celebrate is 4th of July, America's birthday. This holiday is filled with plenty of food along with fireworks that are lit all over the country. There are a few ideas that I'd like to try. This year, I'll be making a patriotic cake or cupcakes for our family bbq.

I'm narrowing down my choices to a handful of recipes and ideas that I found online. Here are the top 4th of July cake ideas. Of course, I'm only going to make one.

Frosting, Ice Cream and Cake

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A layer of cake mixed with red food coloring at the bottom. Whipped vanilla ice cream in the middle to represent white. And topped off by frosting with blue food coloring to make a red, white, and blue dessert.

4th of July Battenberg Cake

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This recipe requires 4 baked bars of cakes in red, blue, and white (x2). The bars are set up in 2 x 2 square glued together by blueberry and cherry jams. The whole cake is wrapped by white chocolate plastique.

American Flag Cake

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This cake does not require baking. It's made up of blueberries as stars, strawberries lined up as red stripes, and whipped cream as white background. Easy, yet looks yummy at the same time.

Top Hat Cake

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This one requires a lot of planning. There are quite a few pieces of the cake that need shaping. The decoration is mainly made up of buttercream in red, white, and blue colors. That's not surprising since buttercream is popular for cake design.

Fourth of July Cake

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This is another great looking cake. From the outside, it looks like a regular cake with cream cheese frosting. But once cut, it will display red, white, and blue.