Halloween: Floating Ghost Cupcakes

floating ghost cupcakes for halloween

Floating Ghost Cupcake Decor

This Halloween cupcake decor is a favorite. The floating ghosts are simply made from off-the-shelf white cake fondant, black frosting and lollipops.

  • 1 white fondant (see it here)
  • 1 package ball-shaped lollipops (ex. Dum-Dums)
  • 1 tube black frosting

Directions: How to make halloween floating ghosts cupcakes?

1) Make the cupcakes however you want. Add frosting if desired.

2) On a flat surface, flatten out fondant to 1/8" thick with a rolling pin. Use corn starch or flour to prevent sticking to surface.

3) Use a 4" round baking cutter to cut out the body of a ghost. Set aside.

Optionally, use a 1 1/2" round cutter to cut out an inner lining for each ghost figure. Wrap this 1 1/2" fondant on a lollipop. Then wrap a 4" fondant on top.

4) Arrange the ghost body to make it willowy. This 1 1/2" step is optional because it enhances the finished ghost, but not necessary. Try it out and see if it works for you.

5) To complete the decor, use the black frosting to draw ghost face. Eyes and mouth are enough. It doesn't have to be complicated.

6) Repeat steps as necessary to complete the batch of Floating Ghost Cupcakes.

Here is the video: