5 Simple Tips for Affirmation (Law of Attraction)

Simple Tips for Law of Attraction & Manifestation


I had been using affirmation to build my self-confidence for over a year now. I needed to do so because, for health reasons, my aunt had been giving me more responsibilities at her shop.

These included employees, inventory and sales. Problem with me was that I had been shy throughout my life so the experience of being in charge was overwhelming.

Then I remembered seeing an Oprah Winfrey show back in high school about The Secret. It was a popular video about the Law of Attraction and how it could help overcome challenges in life.

Luckily, The Secret was on Netflix and I had no problem watching it. And that video pointed me to the right direction.

From researching some more, I found that the Law of Attraction has various theories, tools and practices that you can use to achieve your goals. I also found out that there's no one way to get things done -- the more you learn, the more you can tailor-fit to what suits you.

I don't want to talk about the nuances so I'll just cut to the chase. The most helpful takeaway I got from the Law of Attraction is affirmation.


In the context of the Law of Attraction, Affirmation is the practice of using positive thoughts to draw good tidings and abundance into your life. It's something I do once or more times a day for a few minutes whenever I have time for myself.

Just like in any workplace, home, school or any environment, there are things in my aunt's boba shop that can ruin my day (i.e. rude customers, late deliveries, boyfriend grief, etc.). To help me, I use affirmation to keep myself in an upbeat mood.

I find that I can deal with problems and challenges better when I'm in a positive mood. I just seem to be more focused that way.


Again, there is no one way to get things done. But these 5 tips below are what I do at least once a day; usually in the morning, when I'm getting ready.

1. Use "I". Affirmations should be in the first person.

2. Reasonable and believable. If you affirm statements you really don't believe, you'll cause doubt and disbelief within yourself. And you won't achieve your goals.

In the beginning, I remember affirming something simple and doable along the lines of "I will act like a boss." By the way, I still do this whenever I'm schedule to manage.

3. Overcome doubt. If you want to change your thinking but can't avoid doubt, you can affirm "I am willing to believe that such and such is possible." If you need help being positive on a day to day basis you can opt for: "Today I choose to believe that..." or "Today I choose to be..."

4. Add emotion. Affirmations work best if you feel the feeling you will experience once you actually receive your desire.

I recall last winter when my girlfriends and I took a trip to Hawaii that we had been planning for a long time. I remember being conflicted about leaving my aunt at home and at the shop.

She would have been ok and in good hands in the care of my parents, brother and other family members. I just did not feel right at the time.

I remember my friends taking notice and pointing out that my ambivalence would ruin our trip that we had planned for months prior. At the time, though still new to it, I've already began using affirmations for work.

As the day of the trip got closer, I recall changing my affirmation to something like, "I will have fun in Hawaii". I remember closing my eyes to feel the warm sun in my skin and breeze blowing through my hair as I'm relaxing with a cold drink at the beach.

Simple feelings like that are enough to remind you of your goals. The bible expresses this idea as believing you have already received something before you actually do and tells us that if we can do this, we will receive the things we are asking for.

5. Visualization adds another dimension to Affirmations to assist manifestation. According to Law of Attraction experts, the subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between the real and the imagined.

That's important to keep in mind because the Law of Attraction works to align our outside reality with our internal reality. Hence, our internal reality is very important to the manifestation of our desires.

In other words, we can use our imagination to picture and, eventually, create a desired outcome.

The best example for this is how Jim Carrey used million dollar checks that he wrote to himself to visualize his success. See the video below:

That's it. Hope this helps.

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